How do I enable MINDBODY notifications?

Updated 5 years ago by Matt Juszczak

You must be signed up to receive our Newsletters & Promotions in your MINDBODY account in order to be eligible for the rewards program and receive waitlist notifications. Don’t worry, you can still unsubscribe from our weekly newsletter separately if you’d like.

To verify you are signed up to receive Newsletters & Promotions:

  • Login directly to your MINDBODY account by clicking here. Logging in via our website will not work.
  • Under Profile, hit edit next to Personal.
  • Select Yes next to "Subscribe to email reminders & notifications" to receive waitlist notifications.
  • Select Yes next to “Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions” to receive reward notifications & special pricing.
  • That’s it! You’ll receive a welcome email within 24 hours with instructions on how to claim your points!

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