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Is the first class free?

We currently do not offer the first class for free but please see our packages page for current class options and possible specials. In addition, if you sign up for our rewards program you can earn p…

Updated 1 month ago by Julie Cornelius

What is a bootcamp class like?

Set to a high-energy playlist in a room full of color-changing lights, Turnstyle’s bootcamp classes are designed to build strength – especially core strength – and improve flexibility and balance. Ou…

Updated 8 months ago by Julie Cornelius

Do I need bike shoes?

No, but because we believe wearing shoes that clip into the pedals dramatically increases the quality of the workout, we provide customers with a complimentary pair of shoes with every class. Howev...

Updated 2 years ago by Matt Juszczak

Do you have any first time specials?

We sure do! The latest specials are always available on our pricing page .

Updated 2 years ago by Matt Juszczak

Do bootcamp classes involve a bike?

Nope, no bike! Just a high intensity interval training that involves strength, cardio, and core. Think burpees, weights, squats, crunches and punches.

Updated 3 years ago by Matt Juszczak

I'm scared/nervous to try a class. Help!

Group fitness classes can be scary at first. Trust us, you aren’t alone. Even if you’re an experienced rider or bootcamp fanatic, things are different at Turnstyle: our environment is laid back, our…

Updated 3 years ago by Matt Juszczak

What do I need for my first class?

Come to the studio 15 minutes early for your first class, and we’ll get you all set up! We’ll make sure you know your personal settings for future classes, but remember that you can always ask for he…

Updated 3 years ago by Matt Juszczak

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