What is a bootcamp class like?

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Set to a high-energy playlist in a room full of color-changing lights, Turnstyle’s bootcamp classes are designed to build strength – especially core strength – and improve flexibility and balance. Our bootcamp classes will not turn you into a muscle head, but they will improve your health and fitness levels (dramatically if you stick with them). 

There's no bike - just a high intensity interval training that involves strength, cardio, and core. Think burpees, weights, squats, crunches and punches.

All South End bootcamp classes will consist of high intensity intervals and includes weights, core exercises and some cardio. The classes will consist of different circuits. Equipment will include weights and resistance bands. The class will either target more of the upper body, lower or full body (the name of the class on the schedule will tell you this). The movements will build muscle and strength and also include lighter weights for toning.

  • Classes that have box in the name involve shadow boxing with very light weights while going to the beat of the music. There will be other weighted exercises as well as some cardio and core.
  • Classes that include pilates in the name will have pilates movements and involve lighter weights and more toning compared to building muscle.
  • The 30/30 class is a 30 minute cycle class followed by a 30 minute bootcamp class.

Bootcamp classes at Woburn are temporarily suspended as we transition into our new space and complete the build out of the bootcamp area. Thank you for your patience!

All classes are for any type of fitness level or background and different options will be provided for all levels (beginner to advanced).

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