I'm on an auto-renew. Is my price changing?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Matt Juszczak

Not unless it benefits you!

  • Anyone on a package that is $159 or higher will automatically be adjusted down to the $149 Unlimited on their next renewal date that occurs after August 7th. Sorry, no refunds for recent charges.
  • Anyone on the 6 for $69 or 12 for $119 will be migrated to a new package that renews every month instead of when all classes are used. No action from you is necessary!
  • All other customers can remain on their existing pricing if they choose. However, we highly recommend you consider the benefits of our new $149 Unlimited. Unlimited classes. Unlimited locations. No per day or week limits.
  • All of our subscriptions are month-to-month, cancel at any time. You can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription to another subscription at any time. However, if you cancel your subscription and sign up for another subscription again within 90 days, you will be charged $25.

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