What are the details of the new late cancel & no show policy?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Matt Juszczak

Beginning September 1, we will begin charging for late cancels and no shows. Those who fail to cancel class within 12 hours will be charged $5. Those who fail to show to class will be charged $15.

All subscriptions will be subject to our new late cancel and no show policy. Those on limited class subscriptions will not lose a class in the event of a late cancel or no show. For example, if you are on the Subscription 6 and late cancel 2 classes in one month, you will still be allowed to attend 6 classes.

We understand things happen sometimes, so your first late cancel or no show after August 1st will be automatically forgiven - there's no need to contact us! As always, please feel free to email or call with extenuating circumstances.

We are retiring our existing policy of removing days from subscriptions effective tomorrow, August 1st. All late cancel and no show penalties will be automatically waived in the month of August. Charges will begin September 1st.

This decision was made after receiving overwhelming support for retiring our existing policy of removing days from packages. By doing so, renewal dates were unpredictable.

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