What are the details of the new Subscription 6 & 12?

Updated 2 weeks ago by Matt Juszczak

The Subscription 6 and Subscription 12 are changing ever so slightly:

  • Good news! The prices are still the same! The Subscription 6 is $69 per month and the Subscription 12 is $119 per month.
  • We are changing the way these subscriptions work behind the scenes. As you may or may not know, these subscriptions currently renew every 30 days or when you run out of classes. What that means is that if you used all of your classes in the first two or three weeks, you would automatically renew immediately, even if you had no intention of taking more classes until your next renewal date. In the new subscriptions, you will always renew every month.
  • We will now allow something called bursting. Those on the Subscription 6 will not be stopped from taking 7 classes per month about every other month. Those on the Subscription 12 will not be stopped from taking 14 classes per month about every other month. If we notice you consistently using more classes than your subscription allows, we will email you and politely ask you to upgrade. If you don't hear from us, you're good!
  • All of our subscriptions, including Subscription 6 and Subscription 12, will be subject to our new late cancel and no show policy. However, if you have the Subscription 6, you will be allowed to attend 6 classes per month, even if you are penalized for a late cancel or no show on other reservations.

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