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How do I sign up for the $99 Unlimited Cycle?

If you currently have an auto-renewing package, go ahead and cancel that now and then just purchase the $99 unlimited here whenever you'd like! Please disregard the final paragraph. You will not be c…

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I pay for Bootcamp and Spin. What does that mean for me?

Great question! We got you covered. We will be offering a three month package starting now until the end of April (last day to sign up is 4/1) at only $99 for a one a day, unlimited at Woburn! It is…

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Is there bootcamp?

It will take us a few months, but we're confident we will have you back and bootcamping with us by Spring. We will extend our cycling schedule and we also plan on some one-off small group/personal tr…

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What will the new Woburn location be like?

Compared to the old location, it will have upgraded bikes, shoes, a brand new built-out cycle room and locker rooms for both men and women! While we finish construction, bootcamps will be temporarily…

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When is the Woburn relocation happening?

The big transition is going to happen the second weekend of February and to give Cummings Park the send off it deserves, we will be holding an all day event on Saturday, February 8th! We will have an…

Updated 2 hours ago by Matt Juszczak

Are you closing Woburn?

We are happy to report that the rumors that we were closing indefinitely could not be further from the truth. We are relocating just a mile down the road to Unicorn Park.

Updated 2 hours ago by Matt Juszczak

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